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Strategic Approach to Improved Profitability Through Operational Change

We focus on helping small to mid-size carriers, reinsurers, and departments of insurance.

Consulting and Advisory Services 

Our Approach

Our goal is improved profitability.

We have an operational approach to driving profitability improvement. Our evaluation focuses on the underlying fundamentals and targets functional areas of the company, drawing the connection to financial results. We use risk assessment and operational analysis tools, strategic planning tools, financial analysis, projections and analytics.


Innovation Assessment

Innovation by small and medium sized companies represents a significant investment whether made directly or by contracting with a third party. It is imperative that these investments generate the required results. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Although the results might, at times, be difficult to quantify, expected results from innovation initiatives should be clearly stated.

HCH Advisors’ Innovation Assessment can help companies quantify the impact of the initiatives and also identify areas that might benefit from investment.

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

The Finance function can and should become a strategic partner with the management team. Effective planning and analysis provides valuable insight to business issues and complements the perspectives of operating management.

CEO Services

Our consulting approach generally targets profitability drivers. However, through the use of our proprietary framework, we can tailor our approach to specifically help CEOs assess their operations.

Insurance Company Formation and Start-up

New insurance carriers are formed for many reasons.

While the reasons and strategies will differ, the overall process of forming an insurance carrier and bringing it to market does not differ significantly by market, state, line of business or distribution channel. While details within the processes will change, the overall scope of the project remains fairly constant.

Merger and Acquisition Services

Continued market consolidation and investments by larger carriers and private equity investors in InsurTech ventures are transforming the landscape. Small and medium sized companies with limited capital or access to capital will remain vulnerable as these trends continue. Business combinations that create financial and operational synergies and enable more efficient capital management can benefit both buyers and sellers and position the combined entity to more effectively compete in this challenging environment.

Strategic Planning

One of our more targeted services is helping companies with their strategic plans. HCH Advisors utilizes several tools to help companies prepare their initial business plan, in the case of a start-up, or to update or change existing plans.

Internal Audit Outsourcing

As a key component of good corporate governance, Internal Audit can also provide strategic benefits by providing management with a clear and objective view of the company’s internal control structure and effectiveness….

Pre-Go-To-Market Review

Having led due diligence efforts, HCH Advisors understands the rigors and scrutiny sellers will be subjected to in an M&A transaction. Through a pre-go-to-market review, HCH can advise sellers on what to expect by applying our own due diligence checklist to the current proposed transaction. Our review can disclose issues that have a potential impact on the deal.

Operational Alignment

Understanding the inter-relationship of profit drivers and external and market pressures is key to effectively implementing the appropriate operational change to drive improvement. This, together with recognizing who is watching such as investors, regulators, rating agencies and reinsurers, can create an effective framework for a better dialogue with these stakeholders.


Plan, Assess, Verify, Execute

The relationship between strategy and risk management is often ignored or, in some cases, presumed to not exist. However, in reality, the link between strategy and risk management is unmistakable. Each makes the other more effective.

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